“Just let me do the clinical dentistry – that’s what I was trained for”

Sorry – the practice needs you to be an effective practice manager too

Ironic, isn’t it? The most critical aspects of dental practice financial success are in the areas you have the least formal training in. And probably enjoy the least.

Didn’t sign up to be a personnel director? Marketing pro? How about a cost accountant?

These are the essential disciplines every dental practice needs to have operating at an optimal level. Without a well executed plan in these areas a practice is just not going to deliver the financial rewards. The profession has become a competitive business. Every management decision has become very important.

Most dentists try to overcome their lack of training in practice management areas by working harder at chair side. But seeing more patients, trying to do more dentistry, and sometimes becoming overly critical of staff who you think are wasting time and money, usually ends up making matters worse. There just is no substitute for running the practice as a business.

No-one is happy and content when they feel anxious, powerless and frustrated.

Dentist sometimes just ignore, or avoid, practice management problems that cause these feelings. But just like tooth decay, they only become bigger problems – and more expensive to solve- if ignored. And often times attempting a “shotgun” or a trial-and-error approach to these areas becomes a waste of time and money, leading to a vicious cycle of poor decisions.

It’s no wonder some dentists are gun shy, (or too broke) to find a solution.

How do you solve this practice management dilemma?

What if you could get a solution to practice management challenges that is guaranteed?

A solution that has 30 years and more than 240 dental practices success’s as proof?

Not only will you learn the secrets to solving the practice management riddle, but your practice revenues will increase while you learn how. It is guaranteed.

Please review the following practice management areas that present you with some of the greatest challenges. Continue to the Survey Questionnaires for each area. Complete, and then return to us for information that can help you overcome these practice building obstacles.

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